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Saving Money

Learn how to save.

We want to help you make saving a reality – not just an intention

Saving more money is a common resolution. But many of us keep putting it off – telling ourselves we’ll start saving once we get a new job, pay off a debt, or figure out a budget. The truth is that most members only start saving once they’ve adopted healthy habits – and realized that future needs are as important as today’s wants.

At Patelco, we want to help you develop those healthy habits today – so your paycheck goes to supporting your wellness, not just your spending and your debts. You don’t have to start big to start saving – that’s why our Money Market account pays a market-beating rate on lower balances.

Check out the articles below to see how you can save along life’s journey. Need more help with saving? We’re here to offer advice at our branches with our Certified Financial Specialists.


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